Preparing for retirement is no longer as easy as it once was. Before, a person could expect to live for another decade or so after retiring. Saving up for a decade of living without working is relatively easy; doing so for thirty or more years, however, is not. For our elderly population, they have outlived their own expectations and their savings, and at no fault of their own.

Cuts to Medicaid mean they are now being threatened.

Many retirees who have lived beyond their savings rely on government funding to survive. Non-profit nursing homes are where they flock to, simply because they have run out of options. These are people who have lived and contributed to our society for decades, and the new healthcare proposals could mean that they will be forced out of their last resort.

Medicaid enables over 1.4 million retirees to live in nursing homes and get the proper healthcare that they need. Republicans have proposed to make budget cuts to Medicaid to quell growing costs.

Except elderly care is not a receding business. By 2050, a quarter of the worldwide population will be at the retiring age. Many don’t expect to retire. We have an aging population, and we cannot abandon this growing population.

Under the proposed healthcare plan, states that are under budget constrictions can increase qualifications for those seeking nursing care. It would also allow states to offer families to help pay for costs so that their family member can get the healthcare that they need.

The problem with the proposed healthcare cuts is that it targets the middle-class retirees who have outlived their savings. They, themselves, never thought that they would require Medicaid, and yet, here they are. Now they could face being evicted from their home and face the stress and challenges of trying to get expensive healthcare without government support.

Now it seems that instead of just planning for your own retirement, you need to plan for your parent’s retirement, too. For those considering starting their own business, this could be the cash cow that you have been looking for.

Owning a senior care franchise is the best way to capitalize on the nation’s needs while giving back to your community. Senior care is a crucial industry for communities, and it promises high revenue and a growing demand.

Families now seem to have to band together to support each other. Saving and planning for your own retirement is not enough in today’s age. Cuts to Medicaid and new healthcare proposals threaten the most vulnerable among us. That vulnerable person could be your grandmother, who has too many health conditions to let her stay in her own home, or even yours. You can’t take care of her because you don’t have the skill set and the knowledge.

Turning our backs on the elderly is a cowardly way to treat those who came before us. These elders raised us, they shaped the world that we live in, and they have paid their dues. They are the opposite of “lazy”, and yet their government is failing them.


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