Some 30 protesters have been arrested and more than 100 police officers are injured

Hamburg has again burned this Friday, the first day of the summit that brings together the leaders of the 20 most industrialized and emerging countries on the planet. About thirty detainees and more than a hundred wounded policemen are the provisional balance of a rendezvous, in which the escalation of violence in the streets has no sign of remission. The police, which has deployed about 20,000 agents, have had to ask for reinforcements on Friday in the face of violence by a small group of so-called autonomous militants, ready to burn the city. Most of the nearly 10,000 people who took part in the marches on Thursday and Friday do so peacefully.

The Hamburg G20 has become a symbolic event for a protest movement seeking a new awakening. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are some of the guests and black beasts of the protesters calling for fairer global agreements and a more equitable sharing of wealth.

The city dawned again by the police and deserted. The sound of helicopters is omnipresent. Rows of dozens of police cars are parked in the vicinity of the fairground where the summit is held and next to the hotels where politicians are staying. The security measures have not prevented the outbreak of violent clashes.

Hamburg police have announced that the number of people detained at the G20 summit in the German city has risen to 44, according to the latest balance of security forces.

A black cloud hung in the morning. The smoke from the burning of cars and street furniture mingled with tear gas forming a toxic cloud. The fear that the protests will eventually overflow or that there will be fatalities, as happened in Genoa in 2001 is very present.

The big test will arrive on Saturday, when the big closing event is scheduled, which is expected to reach about 100,000 people.


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