The rejection of four senators to the project sponsored by the president, prevents its parliamentary approval. Trump asks for a new project.

The great flag of the American right lives agonizing days. Desertions in the Republican team have brought to a breaking point its biggest project: health reform. The law with which President Donald Trump wanted to demonstrate his parliamentary power and liquidate the most precious legacy of his predecessor, the Obamacare, has been shipwrecked. There are already four Republican senators who have decided to vote against the initiative, a small but sufficient number to make it impossible to pass in a House where conservatives only outnumber Democrats by four (52-48). Faced with this blockade, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConell has abandoned the initiative and is now committed to overthrowing Obamacare by rescuing a 2015 proposal. A path that seemed to support Trump himself, who asked to work on a new project with the “Clean slate”.

It was more than a law. Health reform had been presented by Trump as the symbol of a new era. The one that was going to bury the legacy of Barack Obama and unite the American right under the same flag. But its handling has shown just the opposite. Despite having the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate, the republican unity is a chimera. There is not one right but many; Neither is there a project, but almost as many as parliamentary lobbies. The blow is deep.

The weakness of Trump was already discovered when the parliamentary walk of the law began in March. After taking the lead himself, the first draft had to be withdrawn from the House of Representatives because it lacked sufficient support. The president, who had boasted of being the best negotiator in the world, the dealmaker able to overcome any disagreement, was forced to admit his failure and restart a bid, this time behind closed doors, which led to a text ambiguous enough to harvest the most. But he failed once again.


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