Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin have appeared perfectly preserved on a glacier near a ski lift in Switzerland. It has been a worker who has found the bodies of this couple, parents of seven children, who had been missing for 75 years in the Alps.

The couple went to milking their cows on a meadow on August 15, 1942 and since then their whereabouts were unknown.

“We have been looking for them all our lives, without stopping. We knew that someday we could give them the funeral they deserve … I will go dressed in white, the color of hope that I always had,” says the younger son of 75 years. “The news has left me with a deep sense of calm.”

DNA tests confirmed their identities. The bodies were lying nearby and “wore clothing from the time of World War II,” said Bernhard Tschannen, a glacier expert involved in the case. “Their belongings were intact.”

It follows that they fell through a crack and their bodies remained there for decades, until the glacier has waned its size and been visible.

Marcelin was 40 years old and a shoemaker; Francine, 37, was a teacher. “It was the first time my mother had accompanied my father because she had always been pregnant,” said her youngest son. “My brothers and I had to separate from each other and share with the family.”


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