The United States threatened Venezuela with “strong” economic sanctions if the National Constituent Assembly took shape, to which Maduro has responded by activating the National Defense Council because his country “does not give orders to any foreign government.”

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has activated the Defense Council of the Nation (Codena) in response to the US “imperial threat” after the White House threatened the country with “strong and prompt” economic sanctions if The National Constituent Assembly was concluded.

“I have decided to activate the Defense Council of the Nation in accordance with Article 323 of the Constitution, in order to respond fully to the Imperial threat … The response will be very firm, in defense of the historic Anti-colonial and Anti-imperialist Patrimony of our homeland,” Maduro wrote in his Twitter account. The president said that Venezuela “does not receive orders nor is it ruled by any foreign government.”

The state channel VTV then transmitted images of the installation of the National Defense Council in the presidential palace of Miraflores in Caracas, attended by the members of the Council and other senior officials of the so-called Bolivarian revolution invited by the head of state.

Article 323 of the Venezuelan Constitution says that Codena is made up of the country’s president, the Vice President of the Executive, Tareck El Aissami; The president of the Supreme Court, Maikel Moreno; The president of the Moral Council, Tarek William Saab; The Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López; And the president of the Parliament, the opponent Julio Borges. However, the Executive does not recognize the Parliament for having been declared in contempt by the Supreme, reason why it has not invited his boss to participate in any of the three meetings convened in the last ten months.

Codena, according to the Magna Carta, “is the highest organ of consultation for the planning and advice of the Public Power in matters related to the integral defense of the nation, its sovereignty and the integrity of its geographical space.”


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