Trump’s new spokesman announces “drastic” measures to stop the leaks to the press for being “really anti-American”. Anthony Scaramucci has warned that there could be layoffs and dismissals during an interview on Fox News.

The White House’s new director of communications, Anthony Scaramucci, has announced that one of his first tasks will be to end leaks of information to the press and has warned that there could be layoffs and dismissals.

“If we do not stop the leaks … I am a businessman, so I will take drastic measures to end these leaks,” said Scaramucci during an interview on Fox News. Scaramucci has also been featured on a CBS show in which he accused those responsible for the leaks of being “really anti-American”.

Scaramucci, a Wall Street financier and Republican fundraiser, brings a combative style at a time when Trump criticizes investigations into whether his 2016 presidential campaign conspired with Russia. Scaramucci has replaced Sean Spicer, who became very popular in his short and turbulent period in office. Sarah Sanders, Spicer’s second, was promoted to White House press secretary.


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