Gun deaths in the United States rose 12 percent in the first six months of 2017 over the same period last year, leading to a total of 8,539 deaths and 17,043 injuries, according to figures from the NGO Gun Violence Archive , Extracted from news in the media and information of the Police, and collected by the Washington Post.

US President Donald Trump promised in his inaugural address last January to “end here and now the carnage” caused by the use of firearms in the country. “Crime, criminal gangs and drugs have stolen too many lives and robbed us of much potential,” Trump lamented in his day.
Trump has left prosecutor general Jeff Sessions with the fight against gunshot deaths, which Sessions made a pro-rata purpose for his Department of Justice through the creation of a special intervention force.

Although Sessions has taken concrete steps to reduce this number of deaths, such as increasing the minimum sentence for firearm assault, none of these interventions have had a significant effect.

However, according to figures from privately held arms distributor Vista Outdoor, which represents more than 30 companies, gun sales have seen an unprecedented 5 percent decline since Trump’s arrival in the White House. A decline, according to experts, attributable to the tranquility of users, who feared mass seizures of their weapons during the Obama Administration, which led to record sales figures.


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