North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has assured the launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile carried out on Thursday is a “warning signal” for the United States and has argued that the North Korean ballistic program is an “asset” of ” Incalculable value “for Pyongyang.

This is the second ballistic test conducted by North Korea in less than a month. Earlier in July, Pyongyang initially announced that it had carried out its first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and said they had the technology to launch a missile with a nuclear warhead.

Japanese Cabinet Chief Yoshihide Suga explained at a hearing that the launch took place at 23:42 on Friday (local time) and that the projectile traveled a thousand kilometers for 45 minutes and fell in Japanese waters after reaching an altitude more than 3,000 kilometers, according to the first analyzes.

The North Korean authorities have confirmed that the missile, a Hwasong-14, has reached a maximum altitude of 3,734.9 kilometers and has covered another 998 kilometers during the flight.

US Defense Department spokesman Jeff Davis has also identified the missile as an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and has explained that it was fired from the Mupyong Ni base, located in the northern part of North Korea.

After the North Korean trial, the United States and South Korea have carried out a number of ballistic missile maneuvers, according to the South Korean Armed Forces.


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