A bitcoin is already worth $ 3,000: madness unleashes once more

The world’s best known crypto currency has had a hectic week with the appearance of Bitcoin Cash, but that has not seemed to slow its popularity, something has caused bitcoin has reached another milestone in its historical valuation.

A bitcoin is already worth more than 3,000 dollars according to the markets of valuation and purchase of this virtual currency, something incredible considering it reached the barrier of $ 2,000 last May. Volatility continues to drive a segment that for many is crazy.

That growth of 10% after recent events has managed to convert bitcoin once again into the reference virtual currency with a valuation that exceeds 50,000 million dollars if all bitcoin circulating (virtually) around the world are accounted for.

The valuation of this currency seems to show again the support of users, investors and miners – including those that started years ago – while the valuation of Bitcoin Cash has made equally startling leaps in the early days of its activity: it came to around 700 Dollars just two days ago, but now it is below $ 250.

Some experts doubt the future of Bitcoin Cash, although some currency markets like Coinbase have already said that they will support the currency even if they do not allow to operate with it at the moment.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s rating continues to be a roller coaster that, according to some, is only at its lowest point: John McAfee was aiming for a valuation of $ 500,000 per bitcoin over the next three years.


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