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Taliban threaten US again


The Taliban have assured that “Afghanistan will become the twenty-first century cemetery of the American empire.”

The insurgents’ reaction comes hours after Donald Trump announced a change in US strategy in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have warned on Tuesday that Afghanistan will become the “graveyard” of the United States after US President Donald Trump announced an undetermined increase in his troops in the country and “drastic changes” in his strategy.

“If the Americans do not withdraw their forces from Afghanistan, it is not far (on the day) that Afghanistan will become the twenty-first century cemetery of the American empire,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement.

Trump announced a few hours ago in a speech to the nation that will make “drastic changes” in its strategy in Afghanistan, as withdrawal of troops would have “unacceptable” effects in the region, but did not specify how many troops will send to the Asian country. The Taliban spokesman has assured that the insurgents will continue in their fight until the US leaves the country.

Although Trump did not specify the number of troops he will send, Congressional sources quoted by the media say there will be about 4,000 soldiers who will swell US troops in the Asian country, where there are already some 8,400 soldiers.

According to the report of the United States Special Inspector for Afghanistan (SIGAR) released this month, the war in Afghanistan is “stagnant,” with insurgents controlling 40% of the country.


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