Nicolás Maduro begins to persecute to the “traitors to the country”

The Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly today turned its session into an act of repudiation against those who declared “traitors to the homeland” with a decree that also served to open a “historic trial” for supporting the economic sanctions dictated Friday by the United States.

Among those who fall into this category are the leaders of the opposition, but there are no lack of dissidents of the Chavez government as the former Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres or the former Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz.

Unanimously as they have been doing so far, the 545 chavistas who form the Constituent Assembly agreed to “initiate jointly with the competent State organs a historical trial for treason against those who are engaged in the promotion of these immoral actions against the interests Of the Venezuelan people”.

This “historic judgment” against the opposition was already requested by President Nicolás Maduro after the sanctions were known last Friday, before his opponents spoke on the order of US President Donald Trump.

In addition, the decree condemns what it calls a “financial blockade against the people” of the oil country, and officially declares “as traitors to the country the national political actors of marked anti-Venezuelan character who have promoted economic aggression and intervention against the Republic Bolivariana of Venezuela “.

The decision was made at the end of a nearly three-hour session marked by the virulence of the speeches, in which the leaders of the alliance of opposition parties Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) were called “lackeys,” “right-wingers”,”stateless”,” delinquent” or “fifth column”.


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