Hurricane Irma reaches Category 5 and threatens Florida

Hurricane Irma rose to category five and continues its imminent trajectory toward the Caribbean islands, where it will arrive on Tuesday, while the US state of Florida has declared itself in emergency to anticipate the onslaught of the cyclone. Winds of the cyclone reach 215 kilometers per hour and more intense gusts are expected in the next 48 hours, according to the US National Hurricane Center (CNH).

The danger of hurricane Irma rises every minute. The meteorological phenomenon is directed towards the Leeward Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea and it is anticipated that this Tuesday touches earth in this place. Authorities in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and the southeastern coast of the United States remain on alert for the passage of the cyclone.

Residents of the Lesser Antilles islands hurried their last-minute preparations on Monday afternoon, and queues began to fill up in the tanks of the vehicles, as authorities canceled flights, set up shelters, and closed schools. Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared all counties in emergency. “Hurricane Irma is a big, life-threatening storm, and Florida must be prepared,” the governor wrote.

In parallel, in Puerto Rico, Governor Ricardo Rosselló has announced the provision of shelters for 62,000 people, as well as suspension of classes. The director of the Caribbean Division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Alejandro de la Campa, has said that a US aircraft carrier was mobilized to help in emergency cases. The aircraft carrier has 30 helicopters, amphibious equipment and a hospital.

The threat of Irma arrives only days of the ferocious passage of Harvey on the south coast of the USA leaving a balance of more than 40 dead.


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