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Putin describes US rulers


Putin, on the US authorities: “It is difficult to dialogue with people who confuse Austria with Australia”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the US ruling class and questioned his ability by asserting that “it is difficult to dialogue with people who confuse Austria with Australia,” Russian news agency Sputnik reports.

At a press conference in the Chinese city of Xiamen at the end of the summit of representatives of the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), the press has asked the Russian leader about the closures and registrations in Russian diplomatic venues in the United States and Putin has responded by criticizing American political leaders without naming them.

“It’s difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria with Australia, you can not do anything about it, which seems to be the level of political culture of a particular part of the American elite,” said the Russian president.

Putin has further assured that “the American nation, the American people and America are a great country, a great nation with such people with such low level of political culture.”

The Russian president has indicated that Russia has the right to decide whether to cut the staff of the US diplomatic mission in Russia after the US government ordered the closure of the Russian Consulate and commercial headquarters in Washington and New York.


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