The US Government prohibits the use of Kaspersky to its agencies

US distrust of Russia is increasing every day. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has banned all government agencies from using any software from the Russian cybersecurity multinational Kaspersky Lab because of a potential risk that the Kremlin is using the Russian company to spy on the US Government.

In a statement, the DHS expressed concern about “ties between some Kaspersky officials and Russian intelligence, as well as other members of the Russian Government”.

Elaine Duke, the DHS acting secretary, signed Wednesday the directive granting a maximum of 90 days to implement the order: 30 days to identify the use of the software and then 60 days to remove and replace the products of all their computers, tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices.

Kaspersky responded to the DHS through his own statement that he is disappointed by the decision, but will try to prove that the allegations are unfounded.

Although the Russian company has repeatedly denied links with the Russian government, a few months ago the US Government procurement agency, the General Services Administration (GSA), removed Kaspersky from the list of companies to which they can buy different types of software, such as antivirus programs. This caused several retailers to stop selling the products of the Russian firm.


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