China blocks WhatsApp completely

Last weekend it was confirmed that WeChat, the leading instant messaging application (and much more) in China, shares its users’ information with the government.

Now we know that they have blocked WhatsApp across the country. In this way, they seek to harden censorship, taking advantage of the fact that next month is celebrated the congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

Symbolic Software, a French security company, has just confirmed that WhatsApp is completely blocked across the country. Let’s not forget that this platform allows us to speak in encrypted conversations from end to end, ensuring that our conversations are private.

WhatsApp was the only Facebook platform that worked in the country (nothing from Instagram, nothing from Facebook.) Mark Zuckerberg has been trying for years to get application usage approved (Instagram was blocked in 2009). Facebook came to learn Mandarin and has traveled several times to China.

Obviously, this is not something that appeals to the Chinese Government. We might think that they are wiping out all the competition possible, forcing people to only use WeChat, an app they control at their leisure.


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