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Chaos in airports


Chaos in dozens of airports after blocking computer systems

Passengers at dozens of airports around the world are experiencing huge delays after computer systems in the chek in system have fallen, reports the British newspaper The Telegraph. According to this newspaper, there would have been problems at Gatwick (UK), Charles de Gaulle (France), Ronald Reagen (Washington), Changi (Singapore), Johannesburg (South Africa) or Zurich (Switzerland) airports. Some airports in which passengers would have been queuing from this morning.

The company responsible for the check in of different airlines, would have confirmed to The Telegraph that it is a computer fault that affects more than 100 airlines of the world. “A technical team is working on the problem and the service is being gradually restored,” the company said.

The Gatwick airport spokesman said the problem was due to a “computer bug” that would have affected the software of several airlines, making it a problem. The spokesman has assured shortly after “things return to work, after a momentary computer failure,” although it is not known whether it has been solved at other airports.

The problem would have affected the system of different airlines, such as Air France, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Southwest Air or Qantas, according to publications that travelers have posted on their social networking profiles.


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