The social network has posted the numbers of ads purchased to try to alter the outcome of past elections in the United States

More than 10 million Facebook users in the United States saw ads aimed at fostering political division. Advertising was paid from Russia. The social network has made this data public to shed light on the latest elections.

This is the first time they share a figure of this importance. Last week they numbered at 3,000 the number of ads but not their reach. 44% of them were seen before November 2016, when the vote was won by Donald Trump. The remaining 56% spread after the polls.

The service of Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged this Monday that the purpose of this propaganda was to generate rage and anger and were orchestrated from Russia, where a network of farms of false content operates. Although Moscow has denied being involved with these ads, Facebook through a message from the founder himself has warned of the existence of this organized plot.

Facebook has gone from denying the situation to approaching the Government and contributing data to collaborate with the investigation. Zuckerberg apologized last week and has put in place a plan to avoid repeating such situations in other electoral processes.

One of the keys to Facebook’s commercial success over its competitors was that, almost from the outset, the small-scale advertising system was managed by users themselves. This allowed to compete with the online classifieds arriving at a target audience very easy to classify and without just delay. Only large accounts with large campaigns incorporated their ads outside of this system.


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