The Las Vegas massacre has erupted with all its crudeness when Republicans were preparing to pass a controversial law ending the restriction on the purchase of gun mufflers in the House of Representatives.

Although perhaps the coincidence is not so much. The majority in Congress also was about to do so when one of its main referents, its representative Steve Scalise, was shot to death by a leftist radical on June 14 in Alexandria, Virginia. Fortunately, the congressman was able to recover, until reappearing a few days ago before his colleagues, in an emotional session. Just like that, this Tuesday, after the Las Vegas shooting, the Republicans decided to delay the processing of the new rule.

The impact of the latest shooting, in addition to adding a scar to the skin of a country condemned to firearms, has reopened an almost eternal debate. In the midst of a grave silence of Donald Trump, before the president traveled tomorrow to the scene of the massacre, Republicans defended themselves against Hillary Clinton’s criticism of the so-called Hearing Protection Act, which had warned of “favoring the perpetrators of the massacres”. Democrats demand their final withdrawal.

The bill prompted by Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan contemplates removing almost all restrictions on the purchase of silencers from all firearms and reducing the noise level below the current 140 decibels that attenuate the 165 that cause, on average, the shots.

The standard will eliminate the payment of $ 200 prior to the purchase of the weapon, the obligation of the sellers to demand the fingerprint and photograph the buyer, and verification of their background by the Federal Government, which usually delays obtaining the silencer between nine to twelve months.


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