The 21 active fires in California this Thursday (one less than Wednesday) had already claimed 31 lives according to the balance offered Thursday afternoon. The fire has devastated 72,800 hectares. Under the flames are 3,500 structures. The most serious fire, which is lurking in the town of Santa Rosa, 90 kilometers north of San Francisco, was only controlled by 10% on Thursday and has already burned 13,800 hectares. With these figures, this is already the most deadly series of fires since there are records in the state.

With the flames surrounding the bay, San Francisco smells of smoke. A dense cloud covers a city normally cleaned by the currents of air of the bay. It is recommended not to air the house or exercise outdoors. Better if children and older people do not go out on the street. In San Jose, the former capital of Silicon Valley, the situation is very similar, although it is more to the south, is better connected by the fires that strike the north of California and are causing damages in the localities of Sonoma and Napa, known by its wine and tourist activity.

In the latest report of the missing, more than 200 people are in Sonoma County, the most affected. The county sheriff clarified that this number represents only calls or messages from people who did not find someone in the first days of the fire. Many of these people will appear, but authorities are just beginning to search the debris of houses on Thursday, and the death toll may rise.

There are already more than 20,000 evacuees. The teams have 73 helicopters, 30 tankers and 550 fire engines. High figures but not enough. An official request has been made to the federal government to get 154 additional units and 170 to neighboring states.


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