The US government has released more than 2,800 unpublished documents on the assassination of John F. Kennedy detailing some CIA activities in the Cold War on Thursday after US President Donald Trump allowed the release of those files and ordered keep others hidden for now.

The publication of the latest batch of archives still classified on the subject possessed by the American government had in vilo to historians and fans to theories of the conspiracy, but the White House extended the expectation until late afternoon.

It was then that Trump, who had already anticipated that he planned to authorize the publication of the reports, announced his decision to allow the National Archives to release 2,891 documents today, and to retain some of them because of what official sources described as CIA pressures and the FBI.

He acknowledged that his team had asked him to withhold some of the information from the documents, 10% of the total (about 300) and that he had no “choice” other than to accept “potentially irreversible damage to the security “of the United States. From what was released Thursday, the FBI had warned Dallas police of the threat posed by Lee Harvey Oswald and that Soviet officials feared that an “irresponsible” US general might launch a missile in the aftermath of the crisis .

But Trump gave its agencies six months – until April 26, 2018 – to review the reasons why they have decided to keep certain documents hidden and “minimize the censored statements” to publish them as soon as possible, as explained by the House spokeswoman Blanca, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said in a statement.

The CIA and the FBI were concerned that the archives would expose “the identity of individuals” who were their “informants” and can remain alive today; and to give details on “activities that were carried out with the support of foreign allied organizations,” a senior official, who requested anonymity, told reporters.


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