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Eight dead in New York after a terrorist attack with a truck

NewsEight dead in New York after a terrorist attack with a truck

Terrorism hit New York again, barely two blocks from ground zero. This time the attack took the form of a massive hit with a truck. Up to eight people died, including five Argentines and a Belgian citizen. The emergency services numbered a dozen people injured in the incident in lower Manhattan. The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, called it an act of pure cowardice and asked the neighbors not to be intimidated.

The death toll may still grow, because as the fire department’s commissioner Daniel Nigro said, some of the injured are in a critical situation. The investigation, meanwhile, continues and the FBI is leading the work. The outrage took place in a bike lane between West Street and Chambers Street, in the neighborhood of Tribeca, coinciding with the departure time of schools and in full Halloween.

The abuser was identified three hours later as Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old man who worked as an Uber driver. He drove a vehicle he had rented at a Home Depot center in New Jersey. In its wake it collided with a school bus, in which two adults and two children were injured. The suspect, according to the witnesses, had two weapons in his hands. One turned out to be a gun that throws paintballs.

The mayor, Bill de Blasio, tried to send a message of calm after participating in the Halloween parade and asked the neighbors that this type of violent acts “do not break the spirit” of the city. He did ask the New Yorkers to be vigilant. “If you see something, say it,” he said, paraphrasing the message that the local authorities repeat as a way of prevention. The governor, Andrew Cuomo, said for his part that he is a “lone wolf”.

It is the first terrorist attack with fatalities since 9/11. “It’s a new tactic,” he explained, “with which a single individual intends to cause pain and damage and probably death.” The New York Democrat took the opportunity to request that security measures be reinforced and the police presence in the sensitive points of the skyscraper city. “It’s not because we have evidence of a threat it’s more as a precaution,” he added.


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