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The shooting #377 of the year in the US, leaves 26 dead in a church in Texas


On Sunday morning (local time), an armed man entered a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, 45 kilometers southeast of San Antonio (Texas), and opened fire on the parishioners, killing 26 of them and wounding others 24. The assailant died shortly after in a chase, but at the moment it is not known if he was killed or if he committed suicide. It’s the massive shooting number 377 so far this year.

The spokesman of the Department of Public Security of Texas, Freeman Martin, said Sunday that the fatalities are between five and 72 years old, according to the television network ‘CNN’. On the other hand, official sources quoted by the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ have identified the attacker as Davin P. Kelly, 26, who was found dead inside his vehicle. At the moment it is unknown if he was shot or if he committed suicide.

Martin also added that the attacker entered the church and opened fire on those present and that one of them shot him when he turned to leave the building. After that, the attacker threw his gun and ran, reaching his vehicle, which crashed shortly after.

A person working at a nearby gas station explained that she heard the first bursts of gunfire at 11.15 am and then saw people running for cover. “It lasted about 15 seconds, I screamed, Down, come in, and we all hide,” the 49-year-old woman told ABC News. Once inside the gas station building, they closed the door and a few minutes later the emergency services arrived. “There were agents taking care of the injured and asking them questions,” she explained.

This shooting is already, by number of victims, the fourth bloodiest in the history of the USA. In early October, another shooter opened fire on attendees at a concert in Las Vegas, killing more than half a hundred and injuring more than four hundred, in the worst incident of its kind ever in the country.


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