The Australian Parliament has approved the bill to legalize marriages between people of the same sex, in its last legislative procedure so that these unions can be held in the oceanic country.

The House of Representatives rejected all amendments and gave the green light to Liberal Senator Dean Smith’s bill, which was approved last week in the Senate.

The initiative was presented after a non-binding referendum that gave a favorable result to this type of wedding, and its final approval is only pending the protocol ratification of the Governor General.

The law received the support of an overwhelming majority given that only four legislators voted against the law, whose approval was received between applause and hugs in the seats and chants of the gallery that sang the well-known song ‘We are Australian’.

Several parliamentarians had scarves or rainbow flags, representing the LGTBIQ community (Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, intersex and queers), who waved on the outskirts of the Parliament in Canberra among the crowd waiting to celebrate the expected decision.

The reform, which makes Australia the twenty-fifth nation that legalizes homosexual weddings, will modify the Marriage Act of 1961.


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