The first Secretary of State and Cabinet Minister (Deputy Prime Minister) of the United Kingdom, Damian Green, presented his resignation on Wednesday because of the sexual scandal caused by the large amount of pornographic material found on the computer that the “number two” of the Government has in his office in the House of Commons.

The police found this material in a raid they did in 2008, in the framework of the investigation by the eavesdropping of News Corporation. The case became news a few days ago, when an agent revealed that in Green’s work computer there were thousands of pornographic files, although of legal content.

This revelation has magnified the controversy that already existed around Green by the recent accusations of the writer Kate Maltby, according to which the deputy prime minister touched her leg with sexual connotations in a social meeting in 2015 and, despite the refusal of her, he sent inappropriate text messages. Questioned on both issues, Green denied both the existence of the pornographic material and the innuendo to Maltby. Despite this, the government commissioned an internal investigation, thus fulfilling its word to combat any inappropriate behavior, in the context of the sexual scandals that have swept the British political class.

“Deceptive statements”

Government inquiries have concluded that Green made “inappropriate and misleading statements” by telling the press that he did not know what the police had found on his official computer, as he had been informed by the security body itself. For Downing Street this simple fact “breaches the honesty demanded by the Seven Principles of Public Life and constitutes a violation of the Ministerial Code”, according to the conclusions of the government investigation, which have been disclosed by the Executive.

Regarding the Maltby case, the report indicates that, given that the alleged incident occurred within the scope of a “private meeting”, “it is not possible to reach a definitive conclusion about Green’s behavior”, although at the same time it establishes that the accusations of the alleged victim “are plausible”.

Thus, Green has resigned – at the request of Theresa May – and has apologized for “breaking the Ministerial Code”. However, he has insisted that he did not download or see pornographic material on his work computer, underlining that he only made a mistake in denying that he knew about the case before the press.


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