The White House has dismissed the current council of advisors for the fight against HIV / AIDS, in what is still unclear if it is a remodeling of the body or the “de facto” dissolution that some of its former members fear given the inaction of which they accuse the current administration in the fight against the disease.

These dismissals – sent by letter and without explanations – take place after six of the 16 council members left the group voluntarily last June, accusing the president, Donald Trump, of ignoring all his proposals. “He just does not care”, wrote one of the resignations, Scott A. Schoettes, in a column for the Newsweek magazine.

“The Trump Administration has no strategy to fight the epidemic, does not admit the opinion of experts and, most worryingly, is pushing legislation that will harm those living with HIV and reverse or paralyze the important victories we have achieved in the fight against this disease”, Schoettes wrote in the summer.

Now, the executive direction of the council, headed by B. Kaye Hayes, has confirmed to CNN the cessation of its members “in an effort to incorporate new voices” to a new council that would begin in 2018.

“The current members of the Council of Presidential Advisors on HIV / AIDS have already received the letter informing them of the termination of their appointment”, according to the Hayes statement, which states that “changes in the composition of Advisory committees are a common phenomenon”.

This is not the first advisory board that Trump has dismantled since he took office. Last August, the North American president already gave order to dissolve the panel of federal experts on climate change.


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