The wave of Arctic cold that is sweeping the United States has already caused at least nine deaths. Temperatures have dropped to twenty degrees below zero in forty states. The Meteorological Service has issued warning for icy winds. Hypothermia cases have increased and shelters have been established in several cities. There are frozen rivers in New York and Chicago, as well as Niagara Falls, which are almost frozen.

The United States has received 2018 with a cold wave across the country, with the breaking of minimum marks of the last 99 years.

Low temperatures have already claimed at least nine lives. The frosts have extended in the last dates throughout the American territory because of the extreme temperatures. Part of the Niagara Falls froze. In the state of Iowa have registered temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius below zero during the early morning, similar to those of the states of Minnesota and Illinois, according to the National Weather Service.

The intense cold also spread through the southern United States, a region more accustomed to brief bursts of Arctic air than to continuous temperatures below freezing.

Even the cold will be felt strongly in Florida. The forecast indicates that Miami will have a minimum temperature of 5 ºC on Thursday, while Orlando will touch 0 ºC in the first hours of that day. The frozen pipes and unusable batteries of the vehicles were the concern from Louisiana to Georgia.


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