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Trump is forced to close the commission that should investigate his hoax on electoral fraud

NewsTrump is forced to close the commission that should investigate his hoax on electoral fraud

After winning the elections of 2016, the Republican said, without evidence, that “millions of people voted illegally” against him

Faced with failure, US President Donald Trump closed on Wednesday the commission that was to investigate his hoax over massive fraud in the 2016 elections. After winning the election, Trump said, without evidence, that “millions of people voted illegally ” against him. When assuming the presidency, the republican promised to act quickly in that matter but it was not until May that he created that commission. However, the refusal of numerous States to provide information that, according to the White House, was going to clarify irregularities has forced Trump to back down.

In the statement announcing the cancellation of that commission, which was justified in the refusal of the states to cooperate, the White House insisted on their accusations by stating, again without evidence, that there is “substantive evidence in electoral fraud.” However, state officials and electoral experts emphasize that such irregularities are rare in the United States.

And Trump himself has not offered a single test to support the messages he published on November 27, 2016 on Twitter, which unleashed a huge storm in the US three weeks after the election.

In the elections, the Democrat Hillary Clinton received almost three million more votes than Trump. But in the so-called electoral college – the translation of those votes according to the population of each State – the Republican prevailed, which gave him the presidency.

More than a year later, the White House justified the end of the commission for the sake of public savings. “Instead of embarking on endless legal battles at the expense of the taxpayer, today the president has signed an executive order to dissolve the commission and I have asked the Department of Homeland Security to review the initial findings and determine the following actions”.


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