The Government of Switzerland has banned the culinary practice of throwing live lobsters into boiling water for cooking and has established that before they should be stunned, as part of a review of their legislation on animal protection.

“Live crustaceans, including lobster, can no longer be transported on ice or ice water, aquatic species must be kept in their natural environment, and from now on crustaceans must be stunned before being killed,” says the regulation approved by the Swiss Government this Wednesday and that will come into force in March.

The legislation also seeks to eliminate illegal puppy farms, prohibit automatic devices that punish dogs for barking, make explicit the conditions for slaughtering sick or injured animals and hold organizers of public events responsible for animal welfare.

The reform of the Swiss regulations comes after a court in Italy ruled in June that lobsters should not be kept alive on ice in restaurants because it supposes unjustifiable suffering before they are killed for haute cuisine.


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