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Trump proposes to Congress to legalize 1.8 million undocumented immigrants in exchange for 25,000 million to build the wall


Trump asks Congress to pass a law that allows dreamers to access citizenship in ten years if they meet certain requirements, such as having a job, education and “good moral behavior.” In return, he has demanded $ 25 billion to Congress to build the wall with Mexico, implement “improvements” on the border with Canada and reform the checkpoints.

The president also calls for the end of the so-called “visa lottery for diversity”, which randomly assigns up to 50,000 visas a year for citizens of nations that traditionally have low rates of migration to the United States, especially African countries. In this regard, Trump proposes to eliminate the lottery, but assign those 50,000 visas to highly qualified workers and their families.

The president, in addition, asks Congress to end the current system of family reunification, known by its detractors as “migration in a chain” and that allows US citizens to ask for the permanent resident card (‘green card’) for their relatives in abroad. Specifically, Trump asks to give priority to the “nuclear family”, so that American citizens can claim only their spouses and minor children who live abroad but not their children of legal age and parents, relatives to them. that now they can help to live in the USA. Likewise, Trump wants Congress to quickly deport all immigrants who cross the border irregularly regardless of their country of origin. Currently, only immigrants from Mexico and Canada can be expelled quickly.

The White House has described Trump’s plan as a “compromise” to reach an agreement in Congress, where Republicans have a majority, but Democrats have enough votes to block proposals and, as happened last week, force an administrative shutdown . “It is a difficult compromise to solve the DACA problem while at the same time trying to move forward with immigration reform and ensure national security,” a senior White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity said during a telephone conversation with journalists. .

In this way, the White House hopes the Senate can vote on an immigration law during the second week of February, days before February 8, when the budget law that finances the Administration expires. Many Democratic and Republican lawmakers have warned that they will not support a budget spending bill if an immigration pact is not reached before. The White House proposal has been welcomed by some moderate Republicans, such as Lindsey Graham, who is part of the bipartisan group of senators trying to reach an immigration agreement that satisfies Trump and can be approved in Congress.


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