Members of the NGO Oxfam Intermon organized “orgies worthy of Caligula” with Haitian prostitutes, just when the country was devastated by the earthquake that had left more than 300,000 dead.

A report by The Times reveals that the NGO, one of the largest and most prestigious in the world, tried to cover up the use of prostitutes by high-level humanitarian workers. Three members of the organization resigned and four others were dismissed after an investigation into sexual exploitation, pornography download, harassment and intimidation.

A confidential Oxfam report admitted that there had been a “culture of impunity” among some staff in Haiti and concluded that some minors may have been sexually exploited by humanitarian workers. The investigation, carried out in 2011, highlighted that “it could not be ruled out that any of the prostitutes was a minor.”

The organization began to investigate in 2011 several of its members, suspected of having paid young Haitian prostitutes, since the exchange of money in exchange for sex is illegal in the Caribbean country.

The former director of the NGO in the country, Roland van Hauwermeiren, was also accused of inviting prostitutes to his apartment rented by Oxfam. Van Hauwermeiren was able to resign in August 2011 just a week after an internal investigation was announced and the facts were admitted.

The nongovernmental organization has been accused of trying to cover the scandal, because when it went to the Charity Commission denied having knowledge of sexual abuse, when they were mentioned in the report.

A source told The Times that employees organized a “complete Caligula orgy” full of girls dressed in Oxfam shirts. The sources claimed that the staff had recorded videos of that night, but the NGO claimed that no recording had been submitted to the investigation.


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