The circle of advisors to President Donald Trump in the White House continues to pour. This Wednesday it was the turn of the director of communication, Hope Hicks, who announced his plans to leave office in the coming days. A position to which she came as ‘interim’ in August 2017, after the turbulent departure of her predecessor Anthony Scaramucci.

The meteoric rise in the public sector of the young woman, considered one of the most loyal advisors to Trump and that has remained in a constant background with few exceptions, concludes here. At least for the moment, because his intention is to return to private enterprise, where he began his professional career.

The New York Times advanced the resignation of the director of communication this Wednesday afternoon. A news that was confirmed by the White House shortly after. In a statement, Hicks said there were “no words to adequately express my gratitude to President Trump”. A boss since summer 2015, when the real estate entrepreneur announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States and chose her to take care of the media during the campaign for the primaries.

Since then Hicks became one of Trump’s ‘untouchables’ in the presidential campaign and later in the White House. A space that also occupy his daughter Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. “I wish the president and his administration the best while continuing to lead our country”, added the 29-year-old former model, without confirming when her resignation will be effective.

His announcement comes a day after he testified before the Intelligence Commission of Congress in relation to the investigation of the Russian plot. In this scenario, Hicks acknowledged that he had said “pious lies” in the performance of his duties. His exit from the White House, however, seems to be more linked to the role he played in the scandal and the resignation of the adviser Rob Porter – after the accusations of domestic violence of two former wives were made public – a few weeks ago. The director of communication did not leave the case despite her personal relationship with Porter.

Hicks has also been in the crosshairs of special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s team and the investigation of the ‘Russiagate’ for his role in how the communiqué about the meeting of Donald Trump ‘son’ was forged with a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign in the candidate’s offices in New York.

After the news of his resignation became public, the president squandered praise for his adviser, whom he described as intelligent and attentive. “He is, really, a great person”, the president said in a statement referring to Hicks. Although Trump would like to keep her by his side, as the note mentions, he understands that he wants to pursue other opportunities. “I am sure that we will work together in the future”, he added.

The position of Hicks is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial of the White House in the ‘Trump era’. She is the third person to hold that position in just over a year. His predecessor, Anthony Scaramucci, lasted ten days. The businessman Mike Dubke served as director of communication, and between March and June 2017.

Now we will see who fits in the gap left by the counselor.


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