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British workers, “more lazy and worse prepared than those from the EU”


European immigrants in the UK are better workers than the British themselves, according to a report commissioned by a government advisory committee on immigration. British employers have hired Europeans because in most cases they have a “better work ethic” and are often better qualified than the British themselves for the work they do.

Many employers in less-skilled sectors have built a business model in which the availability of migrant labor from the European Economic Area plays a key role and they fear that the restrictions after Brexit will lead companies to decline or collapse.

The report also accused British companies of being reluctant to accept the role of low wages to explain why they hire so many workers from the European Economic Area countries: the other 27 EU Member States plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein .

The conservative newspaper “The Telegraph” highlights figures showing that workers from nations that became part of the EU before 2004 earn 12 percent more than employees born in the United Kingdom, while migrant workers The most recent member states, especially the Eastern bloc, earn 27 percent less.

The report was commissioned by Amber Rudd, Minister of Women and Equality, for the new immigration system prepared by Theresa May’s government after Brexit. The provisional findings published yesterday were based on surveys of more than 400 companies and industrial groups. The final report will be published in September.

Last year, 2.3 million immigrants from the EU worked in the United Kingdom. The campaign to leave the European Union exploded popular animosity towards European workers, especially from the East with the so-called “Polish plumbers” (as the French had done before the entry of Poland into the EU). According to this report commissioned by Minister Rudd, the Poles, Hungarians or Romanians are, in the eyes of the companies, more valuable pieces for their “work ethic” than the British themselves, although that means they are willing to work more hours for less money and rights.


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