The leaders of the two Koreas will meet for the first time in eleven years, next April 27. It has been confirmed by high-level representatives of both countries at a meeting at the border. They will finalize the details regarding the protocol and the security of the summit in another meeting that will take place on April 4.

The two Koreas will hold their first summit of leaders in eleven years on April 27, according to high-level representatives of both countries agreed at a meeting at the border, although no details of the agenda have yet been revealed.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will be seen that day at Peace House, a pavilion on the southern side of the Joint Security Zone (JSA), the only point on the militarized border between the two neighbors in which North Korean and South Korean soldiers face each other.

The statement issued by the representatives does not clarify whether the two sides discussed the contents of the agenda for the summit, in which Seoul has insisted that the denuclearization of the regime must be present, a topic that Pyongyang has promised to discuss in the last month.

The South Korean government believes that the summit “can be a unique opportunity to establish peace on the Korean peninsula.” This meeting will be followed by another historic meeting: the one Kim will hold in May with the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The summits in April and May have unleashed a frenetic diplomatic activity that has put an end to the isolation of the regime and reached its maximum expression this week with the surprise trip of Kim Jong-un to Beijing to meet for the first time with the Chinese president, Xi Jingping

After a 2017 full of Pyongyang weapons tests and threats between the regime and Trump himself, since the beginning of the year the situation on the Korean peninsula has shifted towards rapprochement.


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