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Serguei Skripal’s pets found dead


A month after Serguei Skripal and her daughter Yulia Skripal were poisoned, their pets have been found dead. After the question asked by a Russian ministry spokesperson about the state of Skripal’s pets, a veterinarian approached the family’s home and found the animals lifeless.

After this finding, British police believe that the Skripal, came into contact with the poison in the former spy’s house. In addition, he noted that the highest concentration of poison detected was in the knob of the main door of the house.

The British government claimed that it was a so-called Soviet neurotoxic agent named Novichok and accused Russia of the attack. However, Moscow denies any involvement in the case and denounces that this is a “provocation” and an “anti-Russian campaign”.

This case of poisoning was the trigger to begin the expulsions of several diplomats in countries of Europe and Russia.


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