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Life imprisonment for the Danish inventor who killed journalist Wall in his submarine


The “crime of the submarine” already have sentence. Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been sentenced today to life imprisonment by a Copenhagen court for the death last August in his submarine of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, whose body was cut and thrown into the Baltic Sea.

The court, consisting of a judge and two laymen, indicated in the ruling Madsen’s interest in the mutilation and torture of people and that he has not given “any credible explanation” as to why he brought tools such as a saw to the submersible.

Madsen, 47 years old and very popular in his country for his designs of submarines and rockets, said during the trial that the death occurred by accident and he had only acknowledged having dismembered the corpse.

Danish inventor Peter Madsen admitted dismembering the body of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, whose parts were found in the sea after she interviewed him aboard his homemade submarine. In an initial interrogation, Madsen had denied denying her body and said that she died in an accident when a heavy submarine hatch fell on her head. However, he later changed his story to say that he died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

After intentionally sinking his submarine on August 11, a rescue boat picked him up and told the police that he had left Wall on the ground after his interview. The next day, Madsen changed his story to say that a 160-pound hatch fell on his head, killing her, and that he threw his undamaged body overboard in panic. Already on October 7, the Police reported that an autopsy of his head showed no signs of a skull injury.


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