Harold Bornstein, the doctor who in 2015 stated in writing that if Donald Trump came to the White House would be “the healthiest president ever chosen” given his “excellent health”, has now recognized that he wrote those words at the dictation of today’s top leader of U.S. “He dictated the entire letter to me, I did not write it”, he told CNN television. And not only that, in another chain has revealed that his office was “looted” last year by people close to the president to seize medical reports from the tycoon, something that the White House described as a “standard procedure”.

Bornstein, Trump’s internal medicine and personal physician specialist for the past 36 years, said in December 2015, through a hyperbolic-laden letter, that Trump’s health was “amazingly excellent” and that the Republican candidate was gifted with extraordinary “physical strength” and “health in general”. “His health is excellent, especially his mental health”, the doctor said months later laughing. “It works very well”, he added to the BBC.

Already at that time admitted that he had written the medical report “in five minutes”, while Trump waited for the note sitting in his limousine. Now it has gone beyond. “He dictated the letter to me and I told him what I could not put”, he said on CNN.

In addition, on NBC the doctor has detailed that in February 2017, the then White House official Keith Schiller, who for a long time was Trump’s bodyguard, appeared in his office along with two other men and took all the medical reports of the president. “They should have been here 25 or 30 minutes, they created a lot of chaos”, said Bornstein, who felt “raped, scared and sad” during what he described as a “looting” of his office.

The doctor explained that Schiller, accompanied by an attorney from the Trump Organization named Alan Garten and an unidentified third man, asked him to remove from the wall a framed photograph in which he appeared next to the president, and that Bornstein is now under a pile of papers in a bookshelf.

Asked about it during a press conference, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders has played down the incident and denied it was a “looting”. “As part of the standard procedure under a new president, the Medical Unit of the White House took possession of the medical reports of the president”, Sanders has defended.


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