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Dust storms in northern India leave more than 100 dead and 410 injured


At least 104 people died and 410 were injured in the last 24 hours by dust storms and heavy rains in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh (north) and Rajasthan (northwest), official sources reported Thursday.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, 62 people died and 205 were injured by lightning and storms, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on their Twitter account.

The victims occurred during a “very serious” storm

The victims came during a “very serious” storm that began yesterday evening, said the deputy director of the regional Disaster Management Authority, Sanjay Kumar.

“The worst part of the storm happened in Agra, where 36 people were killed and 35 wounded, and in some parts of the city the houses collapsed and people were trapped inside, with trees falling on their houses,” he added.

The monsoon, which usually reaches the northern third of the Asian giant at the end of June, is preceded by two months of high temperatures that can exceed 40 degrees and strong wind storms.

Meteorological incidents are common in South Asia at the time of most intense monsoon rains, especially between July and August, when they usually cause hundreds of deaths and millions of affected in the region.

Last year, more than fifty people died and almost two million were affected by the floods and rains that fell between the beginning of June and the middle of July in the northeast of the country.


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