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The Iranian Parliament answers Trump with the burning of a flag: “Death to the United States!”


A group of parliamentarians set fire this Wednesday at the headquarters of the Iranian Parliament to the US flag, as well as a document that represented the nuclear agreement, in protest against the decision of the US president, Donald Trump, to withdraw from the pact.

The conservative parliamentarian and head of the nuclear committee, Moytaba Zolnuri, climbed into the speakers’ gallery and, before burning the flag, shouted the revolutionary slogan “death to the US”.

Other deputies welcomed the burning of the banner and chanted: “You burned the JCPOA (acronym in English of the pact) and we burned your flag.”

This symbolic gesture comes a day after Trump announced that his country leaves the agreement signed in 2015 between Iran and six major powers and that it will once again impose economic sanctions against Tehran.

After the burning of the flag, the president of the Parliament, Ali Lariyaní, has described to Trump of an individual “narcisist and ignorant in policy”. Larijani has wondered if “it is an honor to play the role of bandits and be a puppet of a group of scoundrels in the region as the Zionist regime.”


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