Noura Hussein was married against his will with Abdulrahman Mohamed Hammad. “She always wanted to be a teacher but ended up being forced to marry an abuser, who treated her brutally and raped her”, says Seif Magango, deputy director of Amnesty International for East Africa.

The first part of the wedding ceremony included the signing of a marriage contract between his father and Abdulrahman. The second part was held when, as soon as she finished high school, she was forced to move to her husband’s house. As he refused to consummate the marriage, Abdulrahman asked two of his brothers and a cousin to help him rape her. The three men knocked down Noura Hussein and held her while Abdulrahman raped her.

The next morning, he tried to rape her again but she fled to the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife. There was then a struggle, in which Abdulrahman suffered fatal knife wounds. After that, Noura fled to her family’s house but her father handed her over to the police and a case was opened against her. In the medical report after the fight with Abdulrahman, it was indicated that she had suffered injuries, including bites and scratches.

“Now he has received another slap in the face: the death sentence, imposed by a court that has refused to recognize the existence of rape in the marriage, Noura Hussein is a victim and his sentence is an intolerable act of cruelty”, lamented the Amnesty International member at the trial in July 2017. The judge applied a law that did not recognize marital rape and after charges were brought against her, on 29 April 2018, the Central Criminal Court of Omdurman found Noura Hussein guilty of intentional homicide.


  1. Ah, peaceful Islam. This woman was only doing what any self-respecting woman would do! Erm…wait…hmmm. Forgot Islam isn’t a religion.


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