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North Korea begins to dismantle its nuclear testing center


North Korea has already begun to dismantle its nuclear test center, which it promised to close after the inter-Korean summit on April 27, according to photos published and analyzed today by the specialized website 38North.

The photos taken on May 7 are “the first indisputable proof” that the dismantling of the nuclear test center in Punggye-ri (northeast) is “very advanced”, according to analysts of the aforementioned portal.

Several “key buildings” at the operational level have been “demolished since the previous analysis” carried out with photographs of the site taken by satellite on April 20, according to what the website publishes.

Some of the rails and mine cars used to excavate the tunnels of the complex have begun to be dismantled as well, as are some small secondary constructions.

North Korea has said it will shut down Punggye-ri publicly (inviting experts and the press) at an event planned between May 23 and 25, for which it will demolish the tunnels with explosions, block the entrances and eliminate all guard posts. Observation and research facilities.

At the inter-Korean summit at the end of April, Pyongyang promised to work for the “total denuclearization” of the peninsula, in addition to having previously affirmed that it will stop its weapons test.

The promise was made in addition to the historic meeting that North Korean President Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump will hold in Singapore on June 12 to discuss the possible end of the regime’s nuclear program.

Pyongyang has conducted its six underground nuclear tests at Punggye-ri, including the last and most powerful, in September 2017.

Despite the commitment shown by North Korea, many analysts doubt it before the existence of precedents such as 2008, when Pyongyang publicly collapsed part of its uranium reprocessing plant to further develop its nuclear program afterwards.


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