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“I’m not racist”, the apology of the lawyer that insulted some Spanish speakers in New York


Aaron Scholssberg, 44, the trumpist, who shouted at two women and a clerk in a New York restaurant for speaking Spanish, now regrets his words.

This Tuesday, six days after the xenophobic outburst, he has asked for forgiveness through his social networks: “I am not racist”, he has defended. Now wait for a tweet to put everything back in its place. But it may be too late considering that he was fired from his job at Corporate Suites and there is a formal request to revoke his title.

Since the viralized video of almost a minute with Scholssberg  threatening Spanish speakers with calling the immigration office, much public information has come out of the subject. In his apology he affirms that the recording does not represent his true self, justifying that he moved to New York “precisely because of the diversity it has”.

But the netizens were faster than their repentance and have already published three other videos.

In one of the recordings, the lawyer is seen insulting a man in the street, for no apparent reason, where he asks what country he is from and calls him “ugly foreigner”. In another he appears at a rally with a pro Donald Trump t-shirt, where he says “false Jew” to a rabbi outside one of the venues of the University of New York and in the last one shows a defiant attitude before some Hispanics.

Is he a racist, or not?


  1. If he was caught three times on video insulting people for their race how many times has he done it and not been recorded?
    Doing it once might have been written off as a bad reaction and a mistake.
    It’s like the old expression fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times you’re a racist.


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