This Friday May 25, 2018 has begun to apply in the European Union as a whole the new General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force two years ago, and Facebook, Google, Instagram and WhatsApp are already facing lawsuits by alleged breach of the new norm.

The organization in favor of privacy None Of Your Business (My Privacy is none of your Business), led by the well-known cyber-activist and Austrian lawyer Max Schrems, ensures that companies oblige users to consent to personalized advertising to use their services and that is not to provide them with a “free choice” .

Claims have been submitted officially to four different authorities of the European Union. The one that goes against Google has been filed with the CNIL of France, the one that goes against Insgram in the DPA of Belgium, the one that goes against WhatsApp in the HmbBfDI of Hamburg (Germany) and the one that goes against Facebook in the DSB of Austria. Google could receive a fine of up to 3,700 million euros, and Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook others up to 1,300 million euros each, according to the figures managed by the group for privacy.


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