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The governor of Missouri resigns for a sex scandal


The governor of the state of Missouri, the Republican Eric Greitens, announced on Tuesday his resignation, which will take effect next Friday, after a sexual scandal and face accusations of having used the mailing list of his own NGO to request donations for his campaign .

“The last few months have been an incredible hardship for me, my family, my team, my friends and for many, many people I love,” Greitens said at a press conference in Jefferson City, local media reported. “This hard experience has been designed to cause an incredible amount of tension in my family,” he added, “I can not allow those forces to continue causing harm and difficulties to the people I love.” Even so, he assured that it is not the end of his battle and that he will continue fighting “for the people of Missouri”.

This resignation comes after earlier this month parliamentarians from Missouri announced their intention to convene a special legislative session to study possible disciplinary actions against Greitens.

Last February, Greitens was indicted by a jury of invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a photograph of a naked woman without his consent. Greitens was arrested after the indictment and subsequently released without bail. The then governor admitted that he had an extramarital affair in March 2015 before being elected governor in 2016.

The woman, whose identity was not disclosed, assured that Greitens took a nude photo without her consent, which he later used to blackmail her and to hide the relationship during the campaign to become governor.


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