The Danish Parliament has taken this measure, which will come into force in August and establishes fines of up to 1,300 euros for those who wear these veils that, according to the Danish government, go against the values defended by the country’s society. The opposition criticizes the measure because it violates the right of women to dress as they wish.

With the new law, the police may require women to remove the veil or order them to leave public spaces. Poulsen has ensured that, in practice, the agents will fine them and tell them “to go home”. The amount of fines will range from one thousand Danish crowns (equivalent to about 134 euros) for a first offense to 10,000 (1,340 euros) for a fourth breach of the rule.

France, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria have also imposed restrictions on the use of full-length veils in public.

The NGO Amnesty International has referred to the ban as “a discriminatory violation of the rights of women”. “All women should be free to dress as they please and wear clothes that express their identity or beliefs,” he says.


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