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Samsung users claim their phones send random photos to their contacts

NewsSamsung users claim their phones send random photos to their contacts

More news related to the privacy of our data: this time with news that will scare some people. Apparently, as some users of Samsung smartphones claim, their phones would have been sent personal photos to random contacts without any user intervention, which highlights the potential of the problem.

As echoed from Gizmodo, today there are many Samsung smartphone owners who would be experiencing this problem. In fact, the official forums of the company already collect numerous complaints about this new security problem. At the moment, the exact reason why this happens is unknown. Even so, we do know that the problem would not be limited to a specific device, and among the affected terminal lists are high-end models like the Samsung Galaxy S9.

According to the information provided by the affected users, the problem could originate in the official Samsung message application, used by default in the company’s devices. In some cases the application erroneously sent random images of the device’s gallery via SMS, while in other cases it even sent a user’s full gallery in the middle of the night, when the phone was not being used.

But without a doubt, the worst thing about the security failure is that it often leaves no trace on the user’s device, so we may not know that our photos have been sent to random contacts if they do not notify us. As we say, the origin of the problem is unknown, although the possibility that it is related to a recent update of the settings of several network operators is considered.


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