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Trump imposes tariffs on Chinese imports worth 200,000 million


The total war between the US and China in its commercial relations is declared. The document published on Tuesday night by the Office of the US Trade Representative proposes new trade tariffs to China. There are more than 200 pages detailing thousands of Chinese items that will be affected by the measure: agricultural products, cosmetics, technology, appliances, textiles, supplies, machinery, vehicle spare parts …

In the trade war between both countries, Donald Trump has taken out heavy artillery.

His latest measure involves imposing tariffs of 10% on Chinese imports worth 200,000 million dollars. The decision supposes a formidable escalation in the commercial tensions. After months of negotiations, mutual visits between Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, of games of intimidation and nice words, the US took its first major step last Friday, with the entry into force of tariffs on Chinese products by value. of 34,000 million dollars and with a proposal for another 16,000 million.

China always warned that it would respond with the same weapons if it was punished with new barriers and imposed tariffs and proposals for the same amounts. Trump also warned that if Beijing made good its threats of reprisals, it would return with more attacks. He even said that he could raise his bet to 500,000 million dollars, close to the total value of the annual US imports of Chinese products.

The US has always justified tariffs on China’s trade abuses, especially with regard to technology transfers, intellectual property and innovation. «Their practices are a threat existence to the main advantage that the USA has. and the future of our economy »; said Robert Lighthizer, the main responsible for trade in the Trump Administration, after the announcement of the proposal.

China responded yesterday with threats of further reprisals. The problem is that he has little ammunition left. The annual imports of US products are $ 135,000 million, so I could not answer with the same amplitude.


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