Starting in August, the plans of the ‘Liberator’ will be officially legal and will allow anyone with an ordinary 3D printer to create their own plastic weapon at home. Organizations to prevent gun violence in the United States warn of the threat.

The US Department of Justice, which in 2013 forced to remove the plans of the gun that can be printed with almost any 3D printer, has finally given permission for the distribution and download of these plans. Defense Distributed, the creator of these instructions, sued the US government after being forced to remove the plans from its website.

The planes of the ‘Liberator’, the name of this DIY weapon, had already been downloaded more than 100,000 times, according to its creators, and now they will be able to be downloaded. As of August 1, any user with a common 3D printer will be able to download this pistol model in ABS plastic, the same material used to make certain toys. The only metal parts would be the hammer and a piece of metal included to comply with the US undetectable firearms law.

Organizations to prevent gun violence in the United States warn of the threat if anyone can manufacture their own weapon without control, without serial number and, therefore, untraceable. They fear that it will be much more difficult, if not impossible, for governments to ban them and that it will make it easier for terrorists and criminals to carry out criminal attacks.


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