The United States courts blocked the publication scheduled for Wednesday of manuals to print 3D weapons, which would have allowed the manufacture of homemade weapons under a judicial agreement reached by the Donald Trump government with a pro-weapons group.

The initiative had generated a great deal of controversy and prosecutors from several states presented a remedy to achieve their blockade, which finally occurred.

In his ruling, Judge Robert S. Lasnik, from a court in the state of Washington, said  the publication of the manuals by the Defense Distributed organization of Texas, would mean “a probability of irreparable damage.”

Defense Distributed, a Texas-based organization, announced plans to re-publish on August 1 on its website instruction manuals to reproduce guns and rifles in three-dimensional printers, after reaching a pact with the federal government.

That was the conclusion of a five-year legal battle in which the government of then President Barack Obama (2009-2017) argued that these manuals violated firearms export laws before two federal judges and that the Supreme Court was Refuse to hear the case.

However, in an abrupt decision, the Trump government reached a pact in June with Defense Distributed to allow that Texas group to re-distribute the printing instructions online, as it did in 2013 before its activity was blocked. .


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