Michael Cohen, the ex-lawyer of Donald Trump, was found guilty Tuesday of several crimes, including violating the rules of financing of electoral campaigns because he bought the silence of women who had alleged relations with the now president of the United States.

After months in the middle of investigations, Cohen finally accepted an agreement with the authorities, who also persecuted him for alleged tax evasion and bank fraud, crimes that he also admitted, as confirmed in a hearing by the prosecutor of the case, Robert Khuzami. The prosecutor explained that “these very serious charges against Cohen reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty over a long period of time.” The lawyer, who will be released on bail, will know his sentence on December 12 and faces the possibility of spending several years in jail, according to several American media.

Cohen admitted to the judge, during the campaign for the 2016 presidential election, he paid two women to keep quiet about their alleged relationship with Trump. He did so, he said, “under the direction of the candidate” and “with the main objective of influencing the elections.” Cohen admitted to violating the electoral campaign financing rules by making an undeclared contribution.

The lawyer arranged for payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy ex-model Karen McDougal not to talk about the alleged relationship they had with Trump. In the case of Daniels, the transaction took place in October 2016, in the final stretch of the elections and when the image of the New York tycoon was badly damaged by sexist comments and accusations of harassment.

Trump distances himself from the incidents

The president of the USA has not spoken to the news this morning. In recent months, he has tried to distance himself from what for years was one of his closest collaborators, after in April the FBI searched Cohen’s office and confiscated a multitude of documents. The lawyer, meanwhile, had recently suggested that he could cooperate with the authorities and against the president in order to avoid jail. The agreement reached with the prosecutors, however, does not include a commitment of collaboration on the part of Cohen, who, according to sources quoted by several American media, chose to plead guilty to avoid a long trial and a larger fine.


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