In October 2017, Johnny Bobbit Jr., a 35-year-old homeless man, used his last twenty dollars to buy gasoline for a woman, Kate McClure, who had been without fuel on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia. McClure, in turn, created a campaign through the GoFundMe platform with her boyfriend Mark D’Amico to raise money to give him that man. However, the apparent solidarity story will end up in court.

The indigent, who lives in the streets of Philadelphia (United States), has reported that the couple took most of the money raised, about $ 400,000. According to his lawyer told CNN, “GoFundMe charged a fee of approximately $ 30,000, Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure gave Johnny around 75,000, there should be another 300,000 for Johnny.”

For his part, Kate McClure’s boyfriend told The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper that they gave Bobbitt more than half the money, but they do not give him the rest because, he said, giving so much to a person with drug addiction is like “Give him a loaded gun”.

The homeless man, however, maintains that he does not explain how the girl who was supposed to give him the money bought a new BMW and went on vacation to California, Florida and Las Vegas.


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